All 3D assets here are commercially available via my broker,

Detailed morphing road and railroad props, along with railroad crossing and signs, created as add-on for the popular TerraDome 3 morphing landscape.

In this image, my creations are the road with embankments and rocks, the railroad, and the crossing with lifting barriers. (Darker ground, background terrain and sky are from TerraDome 3 at Daz3D, vehicles also from Daz3D.)

A selection of the smaller props included with my morphing road plus railroad props. A variety of signs, guitar case, vintage suitcase and cardboard sign all included. (Skies and background terrain beyond road are from TerraDome 3, figure and clothing from Daz3D.)

My radio astronomy telescope, seen here as an array against a TerraDome 3 backdrop.

Grand dining vignette with period furniture, ornamental food and other dining props against a tiled backdrop with tapestry. Everything in this scene is my own work.

Overview of urban interior, plus upright piano detail. Everything in this scene is my own work.

An exterior hill and heath/glen environment with choice of thatched croft-style cottages. All props/plants are also my own and form part of the final set. Figures and the skydome were added for the final render.

A multi-part urban interior with props, including upright piano and all other objects shown here. Render shows main room. (Figure and clothing were separate additions.)

Clay render of hill environment with stone cottage.

Modular English street scene (commercially available). Buildings, road, street props and foliage my own work. Skydomes, figures, creatures, vehicle, barrel and crate props, and windmill acquired separately for use in final render.

A vintage interior environment complete with orphanage props and furnishings.